Amazon Art Director Secures Matching Dot Com

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Jason Murray Art Director at Amazon, tweeted that he secured his first name, last name dot com. is now under his ownership.

Jason did a good job too in negotiations getting to reduce the cost down from $1,788 USD to $600 USD – WOW! Good work from Jason and shows that are motivated sellers to ensure inventory turns in their 800,000+ Domain Name Portfolio.

Jason also mentions in the comments that he had been trying to get the domain name for over a decade but previously was unwilling to pay the $4k asking price, instead Jason choose to settle on where has his personal website for showcasing work as a senior art director.

Also in the course of the messages Jason was introduced into the world of Domaining and Bob Hawkes shared as a fantastic forum for someone to learn more about the domain name industry.

Congratulations to Jason on securing that matching dot com domain name.

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