Apple Launches the iPadPro & Apple Pencil / iPad Pencil (iPencil) without the domains

Apple as many people know are unveiling their new products today – This happens every year before the fall and gives Apple a massive boost in sales for the critical holiday period coming up in November & December.

Today Apple announced that they shall launch the iPad Pro to compete with the Microsoft Surface, they also are launching the Apple Pencil or what I believe it will probably be known as the iPencil, Apple as usual hasn’t registered the domain names to protect their brand, of course Apple doesn’t need to own these domain names to grow their sales but having the exact match Dot Com domains would have been very beneficial when launching a new product.

Apple also announced the launch of the iPhone 6S with 3D Touch.

The domain name was registered on 15-9-2009. the domain name redirects to who’s site isn’t loading just now and I would assume that could be caused by the influx in traffic the domain name shall be receiving due to the number of people online typing in into their browser bar.

The domain name iPad.PRO was registered on the 24-12-10 and is listed for sale.

The domain name has been registered since 1999 and is owned by New York Link Inc.

The domain name was registered TODAY -by Jun Zheng of California.

The domain name has been registered since 2015 and is owned by Peavian Logic, Inc.

The domain name has been registered since 2001 and is under privacy protection.

The domain name has been registered since 2011 and is under privacy protection.

What do you think will happen to these domain names?

Apple still doesn’t even own so they probably aren’t too concerned but I wouldn’t recommend registering any domain name related to Apple products on the back of this launch like the registration from today, I think you are only asking for a UDRP.

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3 Comments on "Apple Launches the iPadPro & Apple Pencil / iPad Pencil (iPencil) without the domains"

  1. And they never owned iPhone and ended up licensing it from Cisco at $30 per unit sold. Do the math it could be billions but it doesn’t matter it’s built into the price. One of the problems for the domain owner is they will never be able to get inventory to sell and people looking for Apple products won’t settle for subsitutes. Great job you have been doing with the blog, btw.

  2. Hardly any innovation in Apple’s latest launches. Just consumer toys that will create more junk for the landfills.

  3. I had some similar ideas and kinda piggybacked on your post, Robbie. I think the guy either got real lucky or he’ll have to sharpen his pencils to stay in business.

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