Approaching Other Domain Investors – Tips

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Today: Do you see new gTLDs being used? / Hyphenated domain names / .Store marketing strategy / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain name news that caught my eye today: – What kind of value does this category killer New gTLD have?

Value of 5 Letter .com – Is the market still strong for these or has it lost it’s drive?

Buying 1 Word .com domains & 3L .com domain names – Check your portfolio for one of these. This buyer is ready to invest today.

Do you see new gTLDs being used? – Anyone seeing these catching on or in main stream media yet?

.Store marketing strategy – Do you use a different strategy to market a .store domain or can you approach it the same as others?

Hyphenated domain names – What do you think the sales market is like these days for hyphens?

Approaching Other Domain Investors – Do you have any tips for an investor that targets other domain investors as a wholesale market?

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