AR Vs. VR domains – The gloves are off! – Which one is better?

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Today: Traffic monetization advice? / The domain(s) you wish you didn’t sell / Domaining is like / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain news that caught my eye today:

Future of LLLL.Com Domains (Random, Quad & Chinese) – Interesting. What are your thoughts? – What kind of value can I expect for this domain?

How do people buy politician names and other popular people names with no problem? – There seems to be different opinions on this topic. What’s yours?

Domaining is like – What is domain investing like to you? Do you have something to compare it to that would better explain it to someone that have never invested in a domain before?

traffic monetization advice? – What types of methods do you use to monetize traffic?

The domain(s) you wish you didn’t sell – Just about everybody has at least one or 2 of these. Care to share your story?

AR Vs. VR – The gloves are off! – Which one is better?

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