Are you still making money with AdSense?

I am interested to know if anyone is still making revenue with Google AdSense on there websites that they have built.

In fact I am buying sites actively just now that have been earning $10 – $30 per month with Six Months proof of earnings, What I have been looking for is sites that have been built in wordpress and have been dormant for a period of time probably sites that were developed back before Panda & Penguin hit us all.

It’s hard to believe that 4 years ago we were all making a killing from Google with Minisites and then overnight that business was halved then cut further with more EMD / unique content penalties.

I was making on average $3 – 4K per month from AdSense then it all disappeared and everyone panicked, however what I have found is that many of my older sites still make a few bucks every month just lying dormant with no updates.

I know that many other domainers have several of these old style sites that don’t earn enough dollars to spend time updating so if you are one of these domainers hit me up.

I want to buy your site and have cash ready sitting if you can prove stats over at least 6 months steady revenue of $10 – $30 and your site is built-in wordpress – Then I want to buy it – EMAIL ME –

What I plan to do is another little experiment where I shall post some revenue figures at the end of summer and let the industry know if you really can still make money with Google AdSense.

Updates coming later this month on – FB Traffic is something that has really surprised me with this site…

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  1. Adsense money is dependent on the level of traffic. I make money with ad sense but i have to invest some money in advertising. I am anxiously waiting to hear concerning DickbyPost .
    Thank you

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