Are You Willing to Share Your Developed Site Used for Selling Your Domains?

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Hey Team, We officially entered lockdown 4.0 here in Scotland today, England and other parts of the UK already following similar protocols where we are now only allowed to leave our homes again for essentials shopping i.e. Groceries, or to attend a medical situation/exercise outdoors.

It sadly has just become part of our lives now, for us Adults I think we are just used to following these rules and hoping that the vaccine continues to roll out with 1.3 Million already receiving it, we have another 60+ Million to go… It’s the kids that I feel sorry for they are going to end up with this mountain of debt which doesn’t get me wrong is needed by the government to stimulate the economy but it’s going to be tens of billions that will need to be paid back over the coming decades and most of their adult lives.

Anyway back to the domain names, I came across another interesting thread on NamePros today named Anyone Willing to Share Your Developed Site Used for Selling Your Domains?

I know a lot of investors use the domain name platform to list their portfolios but it’s interesting to view what others have developed themselves, while some look great, others not so much, I believe the number one thing that must be key when trying to sell to and end-user is trust and some of the developed sites, I am not sure they would pass, however, that’s not for me decide.

Why not head on over to the thread by clicking here and share your portfolio that’s for sale and show them what has been developed and I think more importantly if it generates any sales…

Did you check out today’s domain name auctions?

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