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I know you have heard now a few times about my Amazon Stores and I thought I would update you on one that I recently developed out When I purchased this domain name I actually originally developed it out to sell Body Balance Exercise Boards but found out that the traffic when visiting the site were actually looking to purchase Two Wheeled Electric Scooters also know as Self Balancing Boards or Roller Boards.

So I changed the store setup and still have a number of Exercise Balance Boards listed but now I have a lot of Two Wheeled Electric Scooters thinking lets see what happens, Well I am pleased to say they have started to sell… Ok it is only my first but the update only happened last week and it takes time to get the SEO up and rankings but someone bought one from my site – They Paid £249.99 & I earned £15.00 off the one sale.

Earning Amazon

Now in USD that equals – $385 & $23 Commission – Not bad for a domain name that cost me £3.49 ($5) and took minutes to set up. If this continues as I believe it will the site could become a great earner for me…

So on the back of that I have decided to launch a few other sites that I picked up in recently –, & this adds to the 10+ other stores that I have set up already on Amazon and my development program.

I also setup – I am actually looking for a content partner for this domain name, I believe it could be a really big earner but I need a good content writer – Is there anyone out there that wants to work on with me? Then please drop me an email click here.

Why not setup your own Amazon eEcommerce Store? – I offer my services for FREE* or $50 depending on which setup you want to go for – Click here to read more about it.

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