Barclays Bank – Wins WIPO Dispute

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Barclays Bank who is one of the largest banking organisations in the world with assets of over £1.1 Trillion Pounds – Yes that’s Trillion not Billion Pounds… Has finally won a WIPO case over a domain name they haven’t owned since 1999 when it was first registered – They waited 21 years to strike and take the current owner to a WIPO case to take ownership of the matching Dot Com Domain Name.

The domain name they have just been awarded via WIPO is – I honestly thought they already owned this domain names, they operate mainly from the website in the UK but also own for there international business and I just assumed they would own but I was wrong, they haven’t owned it since 1999 and looks like they missed the drop of it too.

The domain name was sold on for $3,003 USD back in May and what appears to have been a domain name drop then auction for the domain, checking through historical whois records courtesy of I can see the domain name was registered back in 1999 by ROY MESSER aka Nett Corp it was at Uniregistry part of GoDaddy and then expired on February 23, 2020 05:00:00 – It was then dropped and then grabbed by The Domains LLC a subsidiary of on the May 12, 2020 18:58:40 UTC – It was auction on off and sold to whom appears to the owner of at least using this email address of not long after this date a WIPO case has been raised and today the results has come back in the favour of Barclays Bank Plc.

Would you have risked $3000 on this domain name? We will need to read the case details in the coming days to see what the official outcome was from the current registrant did they attempt to defend of did they just hand over the domain name to Barclays Bank by not responding?

Those of you wondering who Roy Messer aka Nett Corp, his company sold for a tasty $3 Million USD back in 2006 which is an interesting read in itself if you haven’t checked out this article from DN Journal, read it now.

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