Best Selling Facemask / Facecovering- COVID 19 – 2020

Top Selling - American Flag Face Mask
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What is the best selling facemask / face-covering during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the honest answer is a surgical style facemask that can be disposed of easily, these have been the number one selling face mask during 2020 since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world.

The most common versions that you are used to people wearing around the world, including the USA & UK is the White & Blue disposal face mask like this image below – Click here to get the best deals on the best selling surgical style face masks.

Best selling 2020 Face Mask - Surgical Face MasksNot everyone loves the Blue / White three-layer face mask surgical style and now there is actually a range of colors that have come onto the market with Black being one of the most popular followed by Pink, here are a couple of examples of these types of face masks in black and pink.

Best Selling COVID 19 - Face maskTop Selling Face mask for girls - pink face surgical face mask

The aforementioned surgical style face masks above definitely have been the best selling type of disposal facemasks during 2020, COVID-19 Pandemic but if you don’t want to wear a disposable face mask, you can instead consider wearing a face-covering instead which we have a selection of below of some popular face covering that has been selling well during 2020.

American Flag Face Mask Cover Antimicrobial Nose Mouth Washable Reusable MADE in the USA.

Top Selling - American Flag Face Mask









Crystal Rhinestone Bling Face Mask Washable With Filter Pocket Face Cover Masks

Top Selling Crystal Face Mask 2020









100% Cotton Washable Reusable Face Mask + 2 Filters Activated Carbon respirator

Best Selling Washable Cotton Facemask 2020









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