hit with WIPO – Could this be another RDNH?

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The domain name was registered on the 24th of January 2001 and is currently owned by the domain name investor Dong Jin Kim, he has experienced a few WIPO proceedings against him over the years due to the nature of holding many domain names with successful wins of in 2003 & in 2019 where he also was awarded the decision of (RDNH) reverse domain name hijacking by Miami International Holdings, Inc.

Now the domain name investor finds himself having to defend another 4L domain name this time who BIHR S.A.S of France wishes to own the domain name, they operate on the domain name primarily but also use the domain name so you can understand why they want the Dot Com domain name, it would be a massive upgrade for them in terms of TLD exposure if they are wanting to enter markets outside of Europe.

The company BIHR S.A.S has over 150,000 products for sale on there website stating the following “Bihr is a leading distributor of parts, accessories and riding gear for motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, snowmobiles and bicycles.”

I see this as a fairly open and shut case, BIHR.EU wasn’t registered till 2006 – 5 years after was registered and currently doesn’t resolve so again PPC / passing off of the brand etc shouldn’t be brought into the conversation, I hope Dong Jin Kim cites the case of and wins another RDNH case this time against BIHR S.A.S of France, What do you think?

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