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I know some people are totally against Domain Name Valuation Tools but I do personally believe there is a market to use as a gauge points, the most popular and certainly well known tools is Estibot.com, however GoDaddy launched there own domain name valuate algorithm called GoValue which you are probably used to seeing now when searching for a domain name on GoDaddy or when you are reviewing the domain names in GoDaddy Auctions, I was actually thinking the other day about a bulk domain name valuation service and how easy it would be to create something to give you this information.

Oddly enough I got a Tweet today from @SaveBreach to tell me they had developed a Bulk Domain Name Valuation service using the GoDaddy GoValue backend to give you the domain name valuation of upto 25 domain names at one time, its a pretty neat service and great to see this tool being developed by someone in our industry for us all to use.

I though I would share the link to the website and I hope its of some benefit to you – Bulk Valuator  – Thanks SaveBreach.com for sharing this and I hope you don’t mind me letting everyone in the domain name industry know, Its very simple to operate and the below is a screen grab showing what to expect when you land on the site, just follow this link.


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  1. Can always use a new tool…
    Thanks for sharing…

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