has been penalized by Google

Whois XML Api has been penalized by Google

I hope you are all enjoying your Friday, It’s 6:30pm here in the UK and after a long week I am looking forward to the weekend and sitting back watching Suits and have a few cold beers, I was sifting through and catching up with emails and I noticed I have got this email below and I have complied and removed the link from in my post as per their request but I am shocked to read that Google has penalized the site, I don’t know all the reasons why but I thought genuine link building was good for SEO?

For those of you who don’t know was sold by “Domain King” Rick Schwartz for $3 million dollars plus royalties and % of shares with the options to increase over time back this was back in  2009 and currently on Ricks Blog in 2013 the sale is listed as also having 10% ownership and I am unsure if this 10% ownership of the domain name or the whole company – You can read Rick’s post from back in 2012 when he discusses it here.

I hope can get back to where they need to be in and I would also ask all fellow domainers to help and if you have linked to and receive a request to remove that link you help – This post contains no links to

As you can also see from this screenshot below doesn’t rank on the first page of for me here in the UK, I don’t know about other countries maybe you can check and leave a comment.

The one positive factor is that has natural type in traffic and it shall still receive this traffic everyday regardless of or other Search Engines.

According to which isn’t always accurate but it estimates receives 20.5% of its traffic from Search Engines, There appears to be 617 Domains linking to also according to

We wish to thank you for linking to our site from Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that this link may be against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. It is important for us to bring our site into compliance, as we have been penalized by Google.

Please remove our link from this page and any other page on your site.

Thank you,

The industry looks like it is on the up, Domain sales are happening all the time off the record, I am in the process of helping a client secure a six figure sale that wont ever get reported and I know I am not the only person closing these types of deals. If you have a premium .COM domain to sell don’t forget that I do offer a brokerage service but I only work with a few select clients with premium domain names.

News also broke yesterday that plans to start selling Shares via an IPO to be announced later this year – I wonder if I should start to use my Twitter Handle @Shares in a different way instead of just as a personal site, Don’t forget to follow me on


Have A Nice Weekend Everyone!

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  1. It happened earlier this year. needs to fire their SEO ‘specialists’ and stop sending out these notices (got a couple as well.)

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