Checking for legal issues when developing a domain!

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Today: ★★★ THE BIGGEST DOMAINING SECRET ★★★ / .game launched, but I think .games is better / Sold for $76,001; for $75,000 / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain news that caught my eye today: – How much is this domain worth?

is .Insurance ONLY for People in the Insurance Industry? – Anyone following this market know if it’s safe to invest into? – What kind of appraisal does this domain have?

.game launched ,but i think .games is better – You would think that most people would search for the plural when looking for a game vs the singular. What’s your thoughts?

★★★ THE BIGGEST DOMAINING SECRET ★★★ – Care to share yours? Sold for $76,001; for $75,000… – Some recent sales reports to keep you motivated.

Checking for legal issues when developing a domain! – How do you go about researching and confirming any legal issues when you develop your domains?

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