Chuck Hagel’s Top Tip Buy Your Domain Name Before Running for Office

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Chuck Hagel’s Top Tip Buy Your Domain Name Before Running for Office

This is something that so many people don’t do and it’s something that you should try to do even if you don’t plan to run for office owning your domain name is key… I wished I owned unfortunately it is owned by Robbie Ferguson Motor Sports who have owned the domain since 2001 so I settled for my local cctld which redirects back to – was one of the first domain names I bought back 2006 when I started back in the domain business and my advice to anyone is that you should try to own your full name dot com if possible and if not at least your local cctld.

Anyway back to the story which is being covered by where Chuck Hagel wishes he had purchased which is actually under Privacy domains by proxy – The domain was only registered on 29th of July 2012 and it states on the site that it was Paid for by The Emergency Committee for Israel. This domain is also under Domains By Proxy privacy protection but was registered back in 2010.

Here is the full story below.

In recent news, former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel was tapped by President Barack Obama to takeover as secretary of defense, relieving Leon Panetta of his duties. The choice has been deemed highly controversial by many who see Hagel’s appointment as “an in your face nomination by the president” to all who support Israel with other Hagel naysayers pointing to his lack of high stake managerial experience as a downgrade from his predecessor. More often than not commentary associated with Hagel’s name has circulated around his past statements on foreign policy, all of which have been painstakingly readdressed for all to see on the former Senator’s very own website.

Wait, what?

Yes, that’s right, access and you will find yourself knee deep in scathing remarks about the recently nominated head of the Department of Defense. The headline says it all: “Chuck Hagel is not a responsible option.”

Why would Hagel host a website completely contradicting his move to be secretary of defense? Truth is, he didn’t. In fact, it was The Emergency Committee for Israel that paid for Chuck Hagel’s domain name. This is not a complete surprise after Hagel referenced Israel’s U.S. supporters as “the Jewish lobby” and encouraged negotiations between the United States, Israel, and Hamas, a Palestinian group most commonly categorized as terrorists by the State Department, but with Hagel’s job security currently lying in the hands of of the Senate, even slips like a bludgeoned domain name can have an impact on his future.

So to you, you there running for office, thinking of running for office, with high hopes of being nominated to one of the most well respected and highly coveted jobs the world has to offer, please remember one thing: buy your domain name before taking one more step towards your dream job. Not only will it pay off in the end, but this way you can, in advance, put a stop to smear campaigns before they have the opportunity to take you down.

What are your thoughts ?

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