Clydesdale Bank forgets to renew its domain name

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Clydesdale Bank forgets to renew its domain name

Scottish Bank, The Clydesdale Bank has confirmed to its customers today that were unable to access their online accounts over the past few days because of an issue relating to its domain name.

It appears the domain name expired on the 26th of July (Friday) and it was taken offline pending renewal / deletion.

The bank hasn’t confirmed this was the case but if you look at the whois report on – You can see the domain was renewed around the 27th of July 2013 (Saturday)

The bank said it was looking into the exact reason for the problems.

The Clydesdale Bank has apologised to customers and said most should now be able to log on as normal.

There domain name that they operate for there online banking services is – They also own but this just redirects to the page, Another subsidiary of NAB who own Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank also had the same issues in regards to there domain name it too was offline – Again view it appears it too was due for renewal on the 26th of July.

The bank has denied that this was the reason for going offline, They have said it wasn’t down to the renewal of there domains and state technical issues.

We cant confirm if the domain renewal was the case of the issues or not. The bank doesn’t currently own or both domains are parked at and have domain privacy on them via – The bank however does own the versions of these domains – Both seem like an easy target for WIPO?

What are your thoughts? Should a multibillion dollar company such as NAB allow domains to expire to online services, if that was the case?

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