Could this domain investing business model actually work?

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Today:   Avoiding Duplicate Content / Is passing the Radio test mandatory? / Sold for $50,000; for $4,588 / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain name news that caught my eye today.

What are the highest .net domain sales during all time? – Are there some historical record somewhere to reveal this? – What would you appraise this .cc ccTLD domain at?

Difference between second and third level domains? – Does someone have a good explanation they can prove to this new investor?

Is passing the Radio test mandatory? – What are your thoughts on passing the radio test before investing in a domain? Sold for $50,000; for $4,588 – Some recent domain sales reports to get you motivated.

Avoiding Duplicate Content – How do you avoid duplicate content when you develop your domains and use redirects?

Could this domain investing business model actually work? – I think there are a lot of investors using this same (or similar) business models with success. What do you think?

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