Could you retire before you are 40?

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Having turned 30 this year and celebrated the birth of our first child I have been planning my retirement and set myself a goal.

Retirement by the age of 40! I am giving myself the next ten years to hit my retirement age goal and I plan to write about it along the way on as I mentioned on my post yesterday this blog is going to change to cover many more topics other than domain names, while domain name investment and development are very important to me  there is so much more I want to share online on Robbies Blog.

So Ten Years to ensure I have earned enough cash, paid my mortgage and secured enough money to allow me to survive and raise a family. This is not just a big ask, it’s a massive ask!

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At present I earn a good high five figure wage oin my day job and again with my domain name investments I add another five figure sum to my income yearly before tax but that isn’t going to be enough if I want to retire before I am 40.

The days are counting down to 2025 and I need to work out several different ways on how I can get £1 Million Pounds in Cash into a wealth investment fund that shall manage this money and give me a stable return on this investment to retire by the age of 40.

Can it be done? Hell yeah there are other entrepreneurs out there that have already made millions and retired  way before they are 40 and kick back and travel the world while not having to worry about there next pay check.

This can be me and this will be, It can be you too and hopefully on Robbie’s Blog I will be able to help you retire also before you are 40, if you believe in it and work hard it can and will happen. It’s not going to be easy I know that but hey why not come along for the ride and read about how I am going to become a millionaire and retire at the age of 40.

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