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A great post today by Morgan Linton covers the launch of new startup who has ambitions of 50,000 monthly registered users and 2 Million in unique monthly visitors for 2014, As Morgan covers in his story was purchase for $28,500, last year we also seen the domain sell for $82,500 in 2012 but still hasn’t launched yet however the cruise business certainly seems to be an area where companies don’t mind dropping the cash to get the domain name they want.

According to here are some other Five, six and even one Seven figure CCTLD Cruise related domain names sold. – $20,000 via – April 2013 – $28,000 via – January 2013 – $1,099,798  via Pvt Sale – February 2008 – $25,000 via Namebuyers – November 2007 – $38,888 via – November 2007 – $33,363 via Pvt Sale – May 2006 – $100,000 via Pvt Sale – September 2009

Do you own any Cruise Domains?

Looking at the website it looks modern and has a great lander before it launch date which is expected to be 2014, checking out it looks dated as if the company that built the site but hasn’t really updated it and the same stands for – If you read the article this is exactly why is being launched to make booking cruises easier at present only 15% of users book there cruise online.

Another company that launched last year to change the way we book cruises online named was later purchased by is this what is aiming for another of the large travel companies to purchase them?

Do you think shall be a threat to

Where are they going to get 2 Million Unique Visitors?

Do you think will leak their traffic to their competitor also don’t own which is currently available sale – Should they purchase this domain?

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  1. Yes, I own a Spanish cruise-related .COM domain…

  2. I own

    Obviously I’m waiting, hoping, we are moving towards more multidimensional Internet marketing

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