Development Updates

Development Updates.

As many of you know at the turn of the year I bought along with,,

The site was built out by fellow domainer Jacob Fedosky by his company and we launched in February 2013, So where are we now six month later?

I basically haven’t touched the website or done any SEO works and we rank on the first page of for the terms Screen Protector and Screen Protectors naturally ranking higher for Screen Protectors with the site being built on the plural vs. singular.

We also rank on the first page of Yahoo, Bing and Ask but the traffic comes from and also direct navigation.

The site consistently sells not in huge volumes but steady consistent sales where we have large profit margins which justifies the time and investment made in purchasing these domain, developing the site and buying stock.

We haven’t just built an affiliate platform we have actually brought our own Screen Protectors to market and this is what allows us to make strong margins from the Screen Protectors we sell with 400+% Margin.

However I am hungry to grow the site further and now considering looking at adding other Screen Protectors onto my platform but I am not 100% sure which way I am going to approach this.

I could just add other people’s products and add affiliate links to them and take 10 – 15% for doing nothing really and not having to process anyone’s order but if I go the affiliate route I look at losing the traffic as they shall be leaving my site to complete the sale on my competitors website.

My second option is to handle the sale myself add their product onto my platform and I take the payment for which I  can set the price and then try to set up a direct deal with my competitors to drop ship there products to my customers.

I have so many competitors in excess of 100+ other companies in the UK space selling their own branded Screen Protectors, so I could build this out to be this largest dedicated Screen Protector sales platform in the UK but my biggest competitors are eBay and Amazon both of these companies could probably destroy me with their SEO or even AdWords campaigns if they wanted to, I could offer a direct listing service to my competitors like amazon and ebay and just take a percentage of the sale but they would need to trust me to handle the sale but that would put me in the position of not being in control of the margin again.

What would you do?

We also had an offer to purchase the domain names from me from a German Competitor looking to break into the UK market and yes it would have given me a small ROI but I felt we should give it another few months of trading and see how the business develops further.

So how has everyone else been getting on with the development of their websites – Feel free to leave a comment and share your web development experiences.

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