Disney, Netflix & Top Notch Domains – Recent Registrations & Acquisitions

Whois XML Api

I have researched with the assistance of WhoisXMLapi.com, what domain names that Disney, Netflix & Top Notch Domains have recently registered or acquired in the past few days.

We can see a few new domain name registrations form The Walt Disney Company relating to “Plan Disney Panel” & “Plan Disney Panel Search”, Netflix Inc has registered the domain name NetFlixJatp.com which might stand for “Jazz at the Philharmonic” but I am not really sure… What’re your thoughts?

Elliot Silver’s company Top Notch Domains LLC, has acquired the domain name Duty Honour Country Dot Com.

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Walt Disney Company Recently Registered


NetFlix Recently Registered


Top Notch Domains LLC – Recent Acquisitions

DutyHonorCountry.com – 1999 Domain Registration

How did I find out that all of the above had registered these domain names recently? I got a notification from WhoisXMLapi.com, I use their service to monitor domain name registrations, across a spectrum of companies and domain name investors, I would highly recommend using their services if you are wanting to learn what others are investing in right now, in the domain name industry or understand what major corporations are acquiring like Facebook, Walmart, Disney, Apple etc to see if you could acquire something that could be the next big product… (Excluding TMs) of course, stay well away from them.

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