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I posted this thread on NamePros today asking the question of Do you buy domain names at Flippa? The resounding answer has been No, which is interesting, I actually thought more people bought domain names on Flippa maybe I am wrong?

I have pulled together a list of some domain names from Flippa that are listed and have met their reserve, some are very low like $11 others are over $100+, Are there deals being done on Flippa that we are missing as domain name investors? I don’t know but reading some of the sellers profiles some have made of six figures, now don’t get me wrong there could be fully developed sites/businesses sold on Flippa by these sellers too but I have read a few times that some domain name investors are making a reasonable income by listing domain names over there for sale – Have you?

I do have an affiliate partnership with Flippa and the links below do contain my links where if you purchase a domain name through Flippa, I would receive a small commission, similar to what happens on my GoDaddy Auction links, etc

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So my question for you – Do you buy domain names on Flippa? – Reserve Met– Reserve Met – Reserve Met – Reserve Met – Reserve Met – Reserve Met – Reserve Met – Reserve Met – Reserve Met – Reserve Met – Reserve Met – Reserve Met – Reserve Met

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  1. I used them in the past but have completely stopped due to their poor behavior which I’ve mentioned on my blog in the past. Not at all worth it when they don’t respect their customers.

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