Do you use WordPress? This is one of the best Free Plugins I use for Security

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WordPress as most people know is a free blogging platform that millions of domain owners from around the globe use to write blogs, run ecommerce stores or use as a website for their business.

People love WordPress mainly because its Free and really is a WYSIWYG platform that is so easy to use… I run over 25 websites that I have developed on WordPress and I really can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone who is thinking of starting a blog, website or ecom store.

WordPress has a tab called Plugins and this has hundreds of thousands of Free to Use and Paid Upgrade Plugins available to add onto your site, I use WooCommerce the ecommerce platform to run my website and many more…

The top plugin I use for Security on WordPress has got to be, WordFence – It is a great tool that lets me know when someone is trying to hack into my sites, lets me know their IP Address, The User Name they trying and how often they are attempting to gain access to my WordPress websites. This information is great and FREE! Once I know the IP Address of the person who is trying to hack into my WordPress account I can then visit my Hosting Provider and block that IP Address from all of my websites preventing this person or bot from continuing to try to gain access.

I use the Free Version of WordFence they do offer a premium service and I can’t offer any information on that service as I don’t use it but I would say if you are worried about attacks to your WordPress website then install WordFence – If you visit their website you can see a live map of the sites that are being attacked and protected using WordFence on average there are 20,000 + Attacks per minute to sites using WordPress don’t let hackers gain access to your WordPress sites.

Below is an image of the email information they send to me daily, I also get an email every time someone logs into or attempts to gain access to one of my sites – This particular one relates to another business I own selling Custom Made Screen Protectors to companies throughout the world for uses on Phones, Tablets, Machinery, Computers, Cameras and much more…Word Fence - WordPress Free Plugin

There are other security plugins available for WordPress but I find this Free Plugin by Word Fence to work really well me and my websites and I would say to use it if you are running WordPress.

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