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Today:   What is the largest number of domains you’ve ever had? / Comebacks For Rude End Users / Sold for $11,800; for €7,721 / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain news that caught my eye today.

|H|o|s|t|.|t|i|p|s| – How much do you think this domain could be appraised at?

How to ensure I get my .com with backorder – Anyone have some tips for backording? – What kind of value would you put on this domain?

What is the largest number of domains you’ve ever had? – Care to share your largest portfolio size? Sold for $11,800; for €7,721 – Some recent domain sales reports to get you motivated.

Comebacks For Rude End Users – What is one of your more common comebacks?

Domain Buying & Selling Process – What is your process or formula for investing into and selling domains? How does it compare to others formulas?

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