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Domain Development – Advertising Space

So you own a domain name and then decide to build your website it could be a full blow development of an ecommerce product / store or might be an info site built around niche subject matter but what do you do for advertising space?

There are a couple of options Google AdSense is the most popular virtually every site you visit uses Google Adsense, followed by Affiliate programmes and then last place is normally paid advertising, many people are maybe wondering why paid advertisement is last place well in my view that is the hardest advertising to get it.

Google AdSense is the easiest they virtually allow anyone an account but what you typically find is the earning are low you might get lucky in a certain niche i.e Classic Car Insurance or a Medical product where the CPC is high and you earn $5 plus per click but reality most PPC advertising via Google AdSense you are normally lucky to get $1 per click also Google is king if they don’t like something you are doing they normally terminate your account and you lose any pending monies due.

Affiliate Programmes, There are super affiliate sites for example Commission Junction, Affiliate Window and Click Bank to name a few I try to not use these guys unless I have too and prefer to set up individual affiliate programmes with each item I want to sell – example – Domain Names, I promote, I could setup for a GoDaddy affiliate site at but instead have a direct account with I find you get a quicker response dealing direct with a company vs through a third party and you can also speak directly to the product owner / marketing team and negotiate a higher commission should you be selling a large volume of their products.

Paid Advertisements, This is the hardest area in the world to get as most companies use Google, Yahoo, Facebook and have direct campaigns with them or they have an affiliate programme that they would rather promote vs. giving you cash for a paid advert upfront with no guaranteed returns. You need to prove to advertisers that they need you, You need to have high quality traffic that is going to convert and content relative to their products.

It is great if you get an advertiser coming to you but from my own experience that rarely happens, I have never reached out to anyone in the domain name space and requested advertising for, I typically run affiliate links and AdSense and while I don’t make massive amounts of revenue from them it does help cover the hosting bill. I am fortunate that I don’t require my online revenues as my full time income but it would be nice to get a few paid advertising spots.

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What are your thoughts?

Have you had any success with Paid Advertising?

Do you still earn decent revenue with Google AdSense since the PPC market crash?

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