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Today: Unsolicited international sales calls / Clarification on DN registration / Sold for $5,700; for $4,789 / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain name news that caught my eye today.

How much does UDRP cost with legal fees? – We hear about UDRP’s all the time, but how much do they actually cost and what’s the process?

MexicanRoutes (dot) com – What’s the value of a domain like this one?

Best domain brokerage company? – Is there a such thing as “The Best”? Who do you think it is?

Clarification on DN registration – What is the step by step process in which a new investor should follow in research and potential trademark domains. Sold for $5,700; for $4,789 – Some recent sales reports to get you motivated.

Unsolicited international sales calls – Anyone else getting an influx of these type calls regarding industry related products and services?

Domain Earnings and Clicks Defined – In depth definition and details on earnings and clicks. While it sounds simple, the real metrics appear to be more complicated.

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