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Today:  Marketing a domain / Domain Broker? Commission only cold caller? / Sold for $30,000; for $6,651  / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain news that caught my eye today:

Impulse Buy? – Have you bought domains on impulse that you later regretted?

Design.Agency – What’s this category killer worth?

is domaining worth it ? – What do you think?

Domain Broker? Commission only cold caller? – Do good brokers exist that would sell low 3 digit domains? Not much commission in those. Sold for $30,000; for $6,651… – Some recent sales reports to help get you motivated.

Marketing a domain – Any tips on how to best market a domain name to potential buyers?

Domain Investing Strategy 101 – Interesting read for those looking to see what different strategies are out there. I found a few of the tips helpful.

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