Could Rick Schwartz be getting ready to battle and save one of his domain names?

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We all know Rick Schwartz aka the Domain King, Rick’s company Virtual Dates Inc owns a portfolio of over 6500 domain names which has created millions of dollars in revenue from PPC and also domain name sales, you can read more about some of the domain names purchased by Rick and the prices he paid in this earlier post we published on Robbies Blog.

Rick used to write on his blog, however he chooses Twitter these days to get his thoughts and feedback out the industry now, you can follow him on Twitter by visiting his handle @DomainKing

Rick posted last night, that he has a DHL parcel on its way from Singapore, ok you are probably asking what has this got to do with domain names, well Rick believes this might be an upcoming WIPO case on one of his domain names possibly, could be a domain name that Rick refused to sell? We can see the domain name was registered back on the 29th of July 1998 and is currently parked at

When you read the thread, he mentions that he has received a number of historic WIPO cases this way, I checked DN Disputes to see how many WIPO that Rick has fought and I can see only 4 linked to Virtual Dates Inc with two being lost and transferred from Ricks Ownership, while the other two being won and one of these cases resulting in a RDNH for

I am sure Rick has has fought others which often feature on his Hall Of Shame website which you can visit 

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