Domain Name Disputes Filed by Arnold Clark Automobiles Limited

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Arnold Clark Automobiles Limited was founded in 1954 and is among Europe’s largest independently owned family-run car businesses. It has over 200 new and used car dealerships throughout the United Kingdom. It sells more than 250,000 vehicles each year and generates an annual turnover of over GBP 3 billion.

Arnold Clark Automobiles Limited also supplies business motorcar leasing and fleet services, car finance and insurance, vehicle aftercare, servicing, Ministry of Transport tests and accident repairs.

Arnold Clark Automobiles Limited has trademarks in the United Kingdom

– United Kingdom trademark registration No. 2103334 registered on June 20, 1996 in international classes 36, 37 and 39;
– United Kingdom trademark registration No. 2300325 registered on December 13, 2002 in international class 35.

Arnold Clark Automobiles Limited operates a website offering its services at below are a list of the 20 cases that Arnold Clark Automobiles has raised via WIPO, the earliest dating back to 2002 to win ownership over and the most recent case being launched recently under WIPO case number D2020-1406, the company already owns the domain name which takes it’s employees to a login page.

The domain name was registered on the 6th of March 2020 at and is currently parked at, I see this case being won very easily by Arnold Clark Automobiles represented by Demys.

As you can see from the cases below, Arnold Clark Automobiles Limited has won nearly every case with two being terminated which appears to be owned by the company now and redirect to and doesn’t appear to be registered any longer so assuming it was agreed to be dropped by the prior registrant instead of being transferred however I would think it might make sense for Demys who represent Arnold Clark, in this case, to register for brand protection.

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Case No Domain Name Decision Decision Date
D2020-1406 CASE ACTIVE
D2019-2554 TRANSFER Dec. 18, 2019
D2019-1811 TRANSFER Sept. 23, 2019
D2019-1810 TRANSFER Sept. 13, 2019
D2019-1809 TRANSFER Sept. 13, 2019
D2019-1034 TRANSFER June 28, 2019
D2019-1033 TRANSFER July 1, 2019
D2018-1473 TRANSFER Aug. 27, 2018
D2018-1197 TRANSFER Aug. 12, 2018
D2018-1196 TRANSFER July 11, 2018
D2018-0571 TRANSFER April 27, 2018
D2018-0558 TRANSFER May 15, 2018
D2017-2141 TRANSFER Jan. 17, 2018
D2017-1311 TRANSFER Aug. 14, 2017
D2016-2035 TRANSFER Nov. 24, 2016
D2016-0562 TRANSFER May 13, 2016
D2015-1823 TRANSFER Dec. 7, 2015
D2002-0909 TRANSFER Nov. 19, 2002

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