Domain Name Trades – Is there a market for this?

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I have created a thread & poll on Namepros for a discussion around Domain Name Trades, I am interested to know if there is a market for domain name investors primarily to trade domain names instead of selling to another investor?

Yes we all want those dollars in our bank accounts but could you instead take advantage of trading (swapping) your domain name for another, it could still have a dollar value associated with it, i.e. + $500 for

I recall back in the day pre-2010, there were some great domain trades completed, I managed a few myself and then subsequently sold those domain names for a better return on the others I had at the time and there was a couple I traded that I wished I had kept instead of trading but that’s the game we play when we trade – There will be some upside and some downside.

Another thought, is do we need an Escrow service specifically for domain name trades?

What do you think? Join the thread over at NamePros, leave a comment here should we have a section dedicated to Domain Name Trades?

Domain Name Trades – Is there a market for this?


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  1. – willing to swap it for part interest in the new site. tried this but they did a miserable job with not a single name on the site that i would swap a half chewed stick of gum for. would need to be done correctly with only dotcom domains above a certain valuation eligible.

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