Domain names fading out of fashion

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Domain names fading out of fashion

A story being covered in Australia about how domain names are fading out of fashion, Claim 87% of Australians don’t own a domain name. I am not really surprised to hear that fact, I would think similar numbers would happen in most countries be it here in the UK over in the USA or somewhere else in the world.

Domain name often aren’t owned by many individuals yet as they still choose to have a profile on a social network like, or Google Plus rather than build their own website however every business owner who plans to continue driving their business forward need to own their own domain name and should want to own their generic brand domain names too.

What Percentage of people do you know own a domain name?

I know from my group of friends (Non Domainers) who are in there late twenties that they all have a social network presence but my only friends who own domain names have them for their own businesses none of them own any for their own personal benefit.

I personally don’t believe domain names are fading out of fashion, Just look at the Millions of Dollars of domain names being sold every week at platforms like,,,, and so many more… It is just the beginning for some, there are so many opportunities around the corner still with .COM & local CCTLD’s and even with some GTLD’s.

Here is the full story from

Internet domain names may be fading out of fashion with a new study revealing that the majority of Australians do not own a web address and do not see the need to invest in one either.

Of the 10,000 Australian polled for the study, 87 per cent said they did not own or run a domain name. Two thirds of those surveyed indicated that sites like Facebook and Tumblr serve as an adequate replacement for a presence on the web.

The survey – which was jointly conducted by AusRegistry, the .au Domain Administration and analyst firm Effective Measure – comes as a blow for the domain name industry, which is currently trying to promote the benefits of owning a web address amidst the release of new unique top level domain names.

“What we as an industry need to focus on now is raising greater awareness and education about the benefits of domain name ownership, particularly for businesses,” CEO of AusRegistry, Adrian Kinderis said in a statement.

In contrast, the study also revealed that when businesses and consumers invest in a domain name, they see value in also paying for a .au top level domain. Around 74 per cent of those surveyed, who do own a domain name, said they opted for this add-on.

Chris Disspain, the CEO of the domain name regulator, .au Domain Administration said the study reveals the value of the domain name’s brand.

“It’s heartening to now have tangible data demonstrating the regulation and registration policy reforms we implemented more than 10 years ago have helped build trust in the .au namespace,” he said.

“This is supported by the fact that Australian businesses rely on .au for their online presence. Almost 80 per cent of respondents who own a .au domain name use it for business purposes.”

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2 Comments on "Domain names fading out of fashion"

  1. I don’t get the point of their story, when have domain names ever been IN fashion with the general population to buy? It’s not like everyone used to own a domain, and now they are dropping them. The weekly domain sales are as strong as ever, and if you are a serious business you need to have a credible domain name for your website and email accounts. I don’t think it’s imperative that every Joe Blow owns their own domain name, and whether they plan to or not does nothing to the domain market.

  2. Kanga Roo | 16/10/2013 at 18:22 | Reply

    …and who really cares about .au? The international action is all .com! Even if I lived in Australia, I would want a .Com.

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