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Whenever we post about The Domain King aka Rick Schwartz we always see a spike in traffic, while some people love him others don’t like his brash approach to GTLD’s and often get offended by Rick’s words or commentary, however Rick has built a portfolio of over 6,000 Domain Names that has made him a very wealthy man.

While many will say Rick was lucky and “it would be different if I started 20 years ago” etc, the reality is we are where we are and you can’t change the past, but you can change your future!

The first domain name Rick ever registered was in 1995 and you can buy if for $250,000 USD or Lease for $1.8K or you might want to own a domain name with 5 Million Type Ins Per Year, which you can buy for $1,888,888 USD or Lease for $10K (Seems too cheap to lease for this amount of traffic per year)

There a number of domain name investors who started less than 5 years ago in the industry and are doing exceptionally well with there domain name investments, you can still buy good domains at reasonable prices – Check the Expired Domains at Dynadot for an example or GoDaddy tons of great names available at prices most can afford.

How do we find out who which domain names are owned by Rick Schwartz well we use a feature called Reverse Whois Search with our partners, they scan for the chosen term in this instance was domain names related to the registrant email address that Rick Schwartz  uses for domain registrations which is “Virtual Dates Inc” and we get the results of over 6,111 domain names that Rick Schwartz  has registered to them.

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Here are my Top 5 Domain Names Owned by Rick Schwartz 

  1. – Buy for $10,000,000 USD or Lease for $25K
  2. – Buy for $3,250,000 USD or Lease for $2.5K
  3. – Buy for $4,850,000 USD or Lease for $7.5K
  4. – Buy for $2,850,000 USD or Lease for $15K
  5. – Buy for $750,000 USD or Lease for $7.5K
Domain Names Owned by Rick Schwartz

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