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Happy Monday, I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend? I have reviewed and updated our weekly list of domain name registrations from Amazon, Warner Bros, NBC Universal, Netflix, Microsoft, Disney & Merck this week.

Amazon looks like they are planning to go big on Alexa Printers or certainly the integration of Alexa to printers registering a number domain names associated to Alexa Printers & Echo Printers, having three Amazon Alexa devices in my home, we use them all the time and I suppose I never have though about saying “Alexa Print XXX” however I think that might change in the coming the year now I know that I will be able to do that…

Do you still use your home printer much? Our’s sits here next me to on my office desk and being honest is rarely used apart from the odd ticket when they say it must be printed but most people accept / scan barcode through your phone now, I feel the home printer is a little redundant, what do you think, maybe it will change as offices remain closed workers might start to print at home instead?

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Amazon Recently Registered Domain Names

Warner Bros Recently Registered Domain Names

NBC Universal Recently Registered Domain Names

Merck Recently Registered Domain Names

Disney Recently Registered Domain Names

Netflix Recently Registered Domain Names

Microsoft Recently Registered Domain Names

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