Domain Sales Strategies

Today:   Should I register domains based on traffic? / Speculating in Geo Niche Markets!/ If you were starting a registrar for domainers… / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain news that caught my eye today.

How many whois searches per month would prompt you to develop or sell the domain? – Is there a magic number that an investor should look for?

CLIENT.COM – How much do you think premium domain should be appraised for?

Are 5L domains worth investing into? – Anyone following the five letter .com markets?

Speculating in Geo Niche Markets! – What’s your opinion about geo-targeted niche markets? Are they worth investing in?

If you were starting a registrar for domainers -How would go about getting started as a new registrar?

Should I register domains based on traffic? – How good of an investment strategy is buying based on traffic?

Domain Sales Strategies – Care to add your strategy to the list being compiled?

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