Domainers getting a bad name in the press for being smart

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An article today by Daily Caller writes an article with the headline

Cybersquatters accepting bids for Paul Ryan domain names

I think they need to check their facts once again, Registering a domain name is not cybersquatting! Yes it might be frustrating to joe public or in this case a presidential candidate who can’t buy a domain name they want but just because they weren’t smart enough to protect their own domain name for a cost of $8 before they launched a campaign.

“A search of donor records did not provide a hint of the men’s political leanings — suggesting that they are more likely cybersquatting hobbyists than political partisans.”

Also domains like are common names, This domain as he states was registered in 2001 hardly cybersquatting – It is not like this is coca cola and some has registered their domain – It is an everyday domain name.



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