Domains appearing to be banned by google

Today:  LLLL .com Pronounceable Wanted / Same Word Twice In A Domain? / Sold for $3,222; for $2,700 / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain name news that caught my eye today:

BUYING chips – Check your portfolio to see if you have any of these.

value militating . com – Whats this one worth?

Fix a domain – Can anyone offer advice to this guy on how to stop his new domain purchase from redirecting?

Same Word Twice In A Domain? – Could double word domains have value or are they seen as redundant? Sold for $3,222; for $2,700… – Some recent domain sales reports to help get you motivated.

LLLL .com Pronounceable Wanted – Double check your portfolio for one of these.

.rent vs .rentals – gTLD battle!! – Which one is better?

Domains appearing to be banned by google – Anyone else having this happen to them? I can see where it could scare a potential buy off.

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