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Whois XML Api once owned by NameMedia and now part of the Endurance International Group, has a massive portfolio of domain names and unfortunately these sales don’t get reported and while we can’t confirm prices that these domain names have sold for we can confirm that many have changed hands as the whois records have updated away from Buy Domains whois data over the new owners. Yesterday we let you see the Domains Transferred from over the past 5 days and today we give the Domains Transferred out of was sold in 2014 for $44.9 Million Dollars the company originally founded by Mike Mann who sold his majority interest several years ago and started

19th of August – 110 Domain Names Appear to have been sold and transferred out from

18th of August – There was a massive lot of domain names transferred over to and they all went under privacy also, It would appear like a big bulk deal from

17th of August – 47 Domains have been transferred out from

16th of August – 32 Domain Names were transferred out from

15th Of August – 56 Domains Names were transferred out from

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