Domains Transferred: Name Administration Inc – Frank Schilling (16/8 – 3/9)

Last month we covered domain names that have been sold by Frank Schilling and his company Name Administration Inc. As we don’t have evidence of the domain sale these are based on the who is records changing and the domain name severs switching from to another server – We look at the domains that transferred from the 15th of August 2015 through 3rd of September 2015.

Here is the previous names that we covered on this link on the 15th of August.

Why not leave a comment with a guess of what price these domain names have sold for?

16th of August – 6 Domains

17th of August – 1 Domain

18th of August – 0 Domains

19th of August – 3 Domains

20th of August – 3 Domains

21st of August – 16 Domains

22nd of August – 6 Domains

23rd of August – 2 Domains

24th of August – 2 Domains

25th of August – 0 Domains

26th of August – 3 Domains

27th of August – 3 Domains

28th of August – 4 Domains

29th of August – 4 Domains

30th of August – 4 Domains

31st of August – 1 Domain

1st of September – 3 Domains

2nd of September – 1 Domain

3rd of September – 6 Domains

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