hit with WIPO but surely it was cheaper to acquire?

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How is everyone’s Tuesday, Did you enjoy yesterdays domain name listings? I just came across WIPO case number D2020-1631, where Domnic Thiem (guessing the Tennis Star) has raised a WIPO case against the owner of

Now a couple of points, we can’t be sure it is the Tennis star Dominic Thiem who launched the WIPO, if it isn’t then its another Dominic Thiem who wants their Dot Com domain name, now you might be asking why did it say in the Title surely it was cheaper to acquire to

If you visit, you can see the below screenshot where the owner is offering the domain name for sale for $3,500 USD – Which to me seems like a reasonable price, especially if you are Dominic Thiem the Tennis Pro who has earned over $23,000,000 USD in prize money, not including any endorsement deals…

The domain name has been registered since 2011 and appears to be under whois privacy defeats the purpose really when you then have an email address on the domain name, however, let’s assume the same person has owned the domain name since 2011 – They have invested at least $8 per year, probably $10 – $15 most likely depending on renewal fees and paying for privacy… they are most likely $100 at least into the name, so they aren’t just going to give it away and while $3,500 USD might seem like a lot of money for a domain name, it really isn’t… If anything $3.5K for this domain name is too cheap IMO.

Now what does filing a WIPO case cost, you can see the below snapshot from WIPO website, if its a single panellist WIPO case you have launched then you are spending at least $1,500 USD, but wait if he wins isn’t that, $2,000 USD better off, how can it be cheaper to acquire?

Well, how much time might it take to complete the forms, an hour maybe two? Did he pay any legal services to assist etc? We don’t know 100% but even if they didn’t pay for legal advice and it took an hour to complete the forms – You might still lose the domain name – Why take the risk and not just pay $3,500 USD?

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