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Yesterday we saw on Twitter Mike Mann, owner of and founder/co-founder of, and other platforms write about Facebook not owning the domain names they want and how he is now having to show them up in court – covered this post yesterday discussing the domains relating to Mike Mann’s company, I thought I would do a quick check to see what other WIPO cases Facebook has active at present and I can see 14 cases at the moment, look at the below I honestly don’t see Facebook Inc losing any of these cases.

They over 150 cases which they have won at WIPO and will use these as historical cases to fight there battle, I do wish Mike the best of luck in his battle against Facebook but I do believe the cards stacked in favour of Facebook Inc, What do you think?

The case highlighted in Red is the Facebook vs case.

Case No Domain Name Decision Decision Date
D2020-1348 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1347 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1346 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1275 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1201 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1199,, and 4 others… CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1179 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1103 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1101,, and 6 others… CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1093 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1041 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-0969 CASE ACTIVE
DCN2020-0008,, and CASE ACTIVE

Facebook Inc has already won 9 WIPO cases this year already you can see the below which they raised at WIPO and were awarded to transfer the domain names from there current owners over to Facebook Inc.

D2020-0885 TRANSFER May 18, 2020
D2020-0530 TRANSFER May 4, 2020
D2020-0517 TRANSFER April 24, 2020
D2020-0403,, and 9 others… TRANSFER May 7, 2020
D2020-0172 facę TRANSFER March 6, 2020
D2020-0074, TRANSFER Feb. 27, 2020
D2019-2984 facẹ TRANSFER Jan. 15, 2020
D2019-2973,, and TRANSFER Jan. 29, 2020
D2019-2900 TRANSFER Feb. 2, 2020

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