Sold for $75,000 USD – Owner revealed

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The domain name was sold last month for $75,000 USD, Raymond covered the story from last month and the extract is below of the domain name sales history. was sold for $75,000 on Tuesday. The domain was sold by Leo Angelo’s

According to Namebio it’s the third time it changed hands in 3 years.

The domain name was last purchased for just $3,800 at NamesCon Europe 2019.

Historical Sales

3,800 USD on 2019-06-20 at NamesCon

4,877 USD on 2018-09-08 at NameJet

The domain was registered July 31 2001. The domain name dropped two times before that registration date..

Congrats to Leo.

I was checking today some of the historically sales from last month and can see that has been acquired by a British company named Lendflo Limited who offer loans and finance services to businesses in the UK, they appear to be the buyer who paid $75,000 USD to acquire the domain name, they also own exact match domain names for that business also, which is great to see them securing the exact match DOT Com domains. – Is available to purchase from Uniregistry for $4,930 and I was a little surprised they haven’t snapped that name up too, possibly deciding now they own the Dot Com they don’t require the local CCTLD, more often than not companies acquire the local CCTLD and then want the Dot Com, great to see this wasn’t the case in this instance.

Congratulations to the seller LEO from on the sale of

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  1. Names ending in R are just going wild. If you have something that you can pronounce in first 3 letters and ends in R, that is GOLD……

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