First .Dog website is launched – Are you buying any .Dog domains?

The first .Dog domain name has been launched and the domain name  is, The domain name is parked at and available for a Buy It Now price of 899 Euros which is just over $1,000 Dollars however the name is also listed available for sale on Afternic for half that price at $449 US Dollars.

It is great to see the .Dog domain extension launched however if I was going to do a press release I would have secured the domain name as well for any type in traffic that this site is going to receive and available for under $500 is really a no brainer…

Why does it have two prices on two different platforms really baffles me, maybe it was list previously on one platform and dropped / sold by the previous owner and the new owner hasn’t updated the domain sales prices.

I love dogs… here is a pic of my dog (Honey) and son (Isaac) chilling out last weekend in one of the rare sunny days in Scotland… However I can’t see myself buying any .dog domain names… I did just purchase and already have a store developed on the domain name however I don’t know if I would buy Leash.Dog – It was registered but what makes more sense Dog Leash or Leash.Dog?


Here is the full story.

Are you going to buy any .Dog domain names?

Wednesday is National Dog Day, and to celebrate, the Petfinder Foundation is bringing man’s best friend into the digital age. The group launched the first website to use the .dog top-level domain. Its goal: to support dog-rescue organizations.

Our furry, four-legged canine best friends are about to get into the domain-name game, and it’s happening just in time for National Dog Day on Wednesday.

The annual celebration, in its 11th year, was founded by animal advocate Colleen Paige—who’s also responsible for National Puppy Day, National Mutt Day, and National Cat Day, to name a few—as a way to raise awareness of the number of dogs in shelters waiting to find homes.

This is a fabulous opportunity to raise awareness of the fact that thousands of wonderful companions can be found in shelters and rescue groups every day.

Capitalizing on publicity for National Dog Day, the Petfinder Foundation—a nonprofit that supports shelters and rescue groups—launched a new website,, in partnership with top-level domain investment firm Donuts, Inc.

The groups are touting the website as a significant milestone for two reasons: It’s the first to use the .dog TLD, and it will benefit homeless dogs through the Petfinder Foundation.

“This is a fabulous opportunity to raise awareness of the fact that thousands of wonderful companions can be found in shelters and rescue groups every day, and also to raise money for those lifesaving organizations,” Toni Morgan, executive director of Petfinder Foundation, said in a statement.

On the site, adopters can post pictures and short stories about their furry rescue friends, and visitors can vote for their favorites through September 26. Each image generates a $10 donation to the Petfinder Foundation, and each vote will raise an additional $1, up to a total of $100,000. The shelter or rescue group that the winning dog was adopted from will receive a $25,000 donation from the Petfinder Foundation, and the next 15 will receive a $5,000 donation.

The site also lets visitors search through more than 300,000 adoptable pets and sort them based on size, breed, location, age, and more.

The .dog domain was released to the public on August 12. Jeff Davidoff, chief marketing officer at Donuts, Inc., said it offers dog-oriented businesses and brands a new choice for naming their online properties.

“With these new ‘not-com’ options, businesses and individuals can choose domain names that are super creative to the left of the dot, and extremely specific to the right of the dot,” Davidoff said in the statement. “Choosing a domain name, not unlike choosing a name for your beloved pet, should be a fun and creative process. ‘Not-coms’ like ‘.dog’ are more memorable, meaningful, [and] available than their ‘.com’ domain counterparts.”

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