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As part of my Flashback website series where I covered off domain name registration companies, domain name parking companies and domain name blogs, We now continue on with Flashback of Websites that we use everyday but they have changed somewhat since starting back online many years ago, Today we look at Amazon.com

Amazon started back in 1995 by Jeff Bezos now one of the richest men in the world, where you can buy everything from Books, TV’s, Toy’s, Diapers and much more… Amazon had revenue of over 88 Billion Dollars in 2014 however they still managed to report a Net Loss of over 241 Million Dollars… Why might you ask? Is that possible Turnover 88 Billion and still make a loss. The short answer is YES… Amazon has acted this way for many years and rarely reports a profit as Jeff Bezos likes to reinvest the companies profits into new markets and is constantly working on development plans via R&D Departments to one day bring us Drone Deliveries and much more. Amazon employs over 150,000 Staff Across the world and operate many local sites such as Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.Ca, Amazon.FR etc.

This is what the Amazon.com homepage looked like back in 1995 – 20 Years Ago.

Back in 1995 Amazon.com was a bookstore and that was their main focus of business they probably hadn’t even thought about selling TV’s, PC’s or Drone Deliveries.

Fast Forward 10 years to 2005 and the Amazon.com homepage had changed again.

How Did Amazon.com look in 2005

Still looking at the Amazon.com in 2005 the number of products offered by the site was still in its infancy, They had started to sell Jewellery, Sports, Beauty, Musical Instruments but much more was to come…

Here is how Amazon.com looked in 2010.

How Did Amazon.com look in 2010

Now if we fast forward to the current day in 2015, 20 years after Amazon.com was launched we can see another massive change on how Amazon.com looks in 2015 vs 1995.

How Amazon.com looked in 2015 - 20 Years later after the 1995 Launch

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  1. Love the series 😉 First used Amazon in 1999, and these days they are a behemoth among online retailers.

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