Flashback Websites: Twitter.com from 2006 to 2015

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Twitter.com the site that everyone knows has had a few different looks over the years and also the change in domain name – Twitter wasn’t always using Twitter.com it used to use Twttr.com

Twitter stared life in July 2006 and now employs nearly 4000 staff worldwide within there network of 25 offices the last headcount in 2015 was at 3900, They had operating revenue in 2014 of $1.4 Billion US Dollars and was founded by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, Evan Williams. Twitter now has an average user base of over 302 Million users worldwide. Twitter experienced rapid growth from 2006,2007 & 2008 with the number of Tweets in 2007 being only 400,000 per quarter in 2008 the number of tweets by users per quartered jumped to 100 Million and now today there is on average 500 Million Tweets made every day… WOW! Impressive numbers.

Even thought the term Tweet is used daily Twitter don’t actually own Tweet.com or Tweets.com – Tweet.com is owned by the late Igal Lichtman of Mrs Jello LLC & Tweets.com is owned by Frank Schilling’s company Name Administration.

Twitter Inc however does own over 1200 Domain Names – You can view them here for FREE using Whoisology.

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Lets look at how Twitter Inc has changed over the 9 years below from…

Twitter.com 2006

Twitter 2006

Twitter.com 2007 

Twitter 2007

Twitter.com 2008

Twitter 2008

Twitter.com 2009

Twitter 2009

Twitter.com 2010

Twitter 2010

Twitter.com 2011

Twitter 2011

Twitter.com 2012

Twitter 2012

Twitter.com 2013

Twitter 2013

Twitter.com 2014

Twitter 2014

Twitter.com 2015

Twitter 2015


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  1. The things that never changed on Twitter is the number of characters allowed per tweet. From the beginning until now users could only tweet to a maximum of 140 characters. I do not know why Twitter never change this, Twitter may want to keep it as the characteristic/trademark that distinguishes it from other social media sites.

  2. Its a good one!!! nice work

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