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As part of my Flashback website series where I covered off domain name registration companies, domain name parking companies and domain name blogs, We now continue on with Flashback of Websites that we use everyday but they have changed somewhat since starting back online many years ago, Today we look at Walmart.com

Walmart the worlds largest retailer has 11,500 stores in 28 countries worldwide under many different banner names and employs 2.2 Million Staff. The Walmart Group has an annual revenues of $485 Billion Dollars and reported net income of over $16 Billion Dollars.

Walmart.com has been registered since 1995 even though Walmart has been in business since 1962 it appears they didn’t always own Walmart.com below are the screenshots of Walmart.com over the years since they purchased the domain name until today in 2015 where it is now a fundamental part of their business. WalMart originally used the domain name Wal-Mart.com which was registered in 1991.

Walmart actually own over 6000 Domain Names some are generic and not directly related to the brand such as PickUpDropOff.com & SaveMoneyToLiveBetter.com to defensive domain registrations such as WalmartSucks.com and yes they also own Walmart.Sucks too… Check out Whoisology to see the 6000+ Domain names they own.

Walmart.com in 1996 when the company still didn’t own the domain name.

Walmart.com 1996

Wal-Mart.com in 1996 when they still used the hyphen domain name.

Wal-Mart.com 1996

Wal-Mart.com domain name is still being used in 1998 as they haven’t yet secured Walmart.com which remained the same as earlier.

Wal-Mart.com 1998Walmart.com in the millennium the year 2000 it is in use now by Walmart Group as they got ownership of the domain name in 1999.

Walmart.com 2000Walmart.com in 2002 you can see more development being added to the site

Walmart.com 2002
Walmart.com in 2005

Walmart.com 2005

Walmart.com 2010

Walmart.com 2010

Walmart.com in 2015 – What difference since 1996 when the launched Wal-Mart.com

Walmart.com 2015


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  1. At some point WalMart wanted to buy Amazon, but Bezos did not want to sell. He is smart!

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