Flashback Websites – What Did They Used To Look Like – Series 1

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I am starting another new series this week we are going to have Screenshots of domain blogs & aftermarket platforms and what they used to look like 5 years ago in 2009 the Screenshots are courtesy of the Domain Tools website Screenshots.com.

Some of the domain name blogs are very similar to how they look just now others are completely different – What do you think of these blogs – Do they look better in 2015 or how there were in 2009.

This list isn’t fully extensive of all the current or older domain name blogs however if you have a particular domain name blog or domain name selling platform you want to see that I have missed off below then please leave me a comment and I shall add it on later today.

Just looking at the Screenshots and seeing some the advertisers that aren’t even in the domain business anymore, it amazes me how much this industry has changed in the past 5 years. What do you think?

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DomainGang.com – 8th of December 2009

DomainGang.com - May 27th, 2015

TheDomains.com – 5th of July 2009

TheDomains.com - Jun 30th, 2015

MorganLinton.com – 21st of July 2009

MorganLinton.com - Feb 8th, 2015

ElliotsBlog.com -7th of April 2009

ElliotsBlog.com - May 6th, 2015

DomainNameWire.com – 10th of April 2009

DomainNameWire.com - Jul 10th, 2015

RicksBlog.com – 25th of April 2009

RicksBlog.com - Jan 30th, 2014

BruceMarler.com – 24th of October 2009

BruceMarler.com - Mar 5th, 2015

ChefPatrick.com – 13th of April 2009

ChefPatrick.com - Aug 22nd, 2013

Domaining.com – 30th of April 2009

Domaining.com - Jan 17th, 2015

DotSauce.com – 27th of April 2009

DotSauce.com - Feb 8th, 2015

DotWeekly.com – 8th of April 2009

DotWeekly.com - Feb 8th, 2015

DNXpert.com – 23rd of March 2009

DnXpert.com - Feb 28th, 2014

DomainNews.com – 2nd of March 2009

DomainNews.com - Jan 5th, 2015

Conceptualist.com – 2nd of October 2009

Conceptualist.com - Jan 5th, 2015

DNJournal.com – 14th of April 2009

DnJournal.com - Jul 10th, 2015

Estibot.com – 18th of May 2009

EstiBot.com - Mar 30th, 2015

NamePros.com – 26th of January 2009

NamePros.com - Mar 7th, 2015

DNForum.com – 10th of February 2009

DnForum.com - Feb 10th, 2015

Afternic.com – 10th of July 2009

Afternic.com - Jun 24th, 2015

Sedo.com – 8th of April 2009

Sedo.com - Jun 9th, 2015

BuyDomains.com – 29th of May 2009.

BuyDomains.com - Feb 27th, 2014

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