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Last week we shared the Bulk Domain Valuation Tool launched by Save Breach, this week he shared another tool that he has developed using a chrome extentsion where you can add this to your browser and it can look up the Dot Com Value of Keywords on a page for you.

It is a very simple and easy to tool to use and operate, There is a post on NamePros discussing it and its available for only $0.99 – That’s right less than $1, I am not being paid for this post but honestly believe for the price of $1 its well worth the small investment, the instructions below explain how easy it is to install the extentsion into your Chrome web browser and you shall see further below a quick snapshot of it being used at couple of sites where valuation isn’t available.


  • Download the attached zip file.
  • Extract it to any suitable location
  • Then open chrome://extensions, copy and paste the url in the chrome search bar
  • The extensions dashboard will open.
  • Now click on Load Unpacked.
  • Select the directory that you just extracted from the zip archive, and press Open.

Select a bunch of keywords/words (2-4) on any page in Chrome (like, right click and press Appraise <words selected> it will fetch the GD value of the generated keyword domain
Select any text, it will appraise the value of the .com
Select more than 5 words/names, it will generate their .com, and fetch the GD value
Select any domain, right click and press Appraise it will fetch the value

Basically select any text in browser page, right click and press Appraise from the menu just like Search with google.

Once installed you can highlight any text in the page, Right Click and choose Appraise the domain name, It will then use the GoDaddy Value tool look and give you a result of the value of the keywords in Dot Com, Note this isn’t telling you the domain name is available but if doing some research on a particular word or few keywords and you wish to find out it might be beneficial to review.

Below is a snap shot from but you could use this on many of the domain name generator tools like which again is shown below to understand the value of potential available dot com domain names, I think this is a really neat tool that all domain name investors should have when looking up available to register domain names and trying to understand the potential value, Don’t get me wrong others stats and services are important too like and I do use there services also but I really like this neat chrome extentsion that easily lets you find the GoDaddy Value of a domain name.

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