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Did you check out our earlier posts on the WIPO case, if not and you own a LLLL / Four Letter domain name its well worth a read, anyway I haven’t shared any GoDaddy Domain Name auctions in a while on the blog and was searching through for some myself today and I thought I might make a daily feature of Domain Name Closeouts only?

So looking at the below, would you acquire any of these domain names for less than $11 + Registration Fee – The one I like the most and if a reader doesn’t snap it before me is, It just makes sense and would make for a very gernic exact match domain sale to a Landscape Contractor or build it into a directory for a very low cost, literally thousands of Landscape Contractors out there and the plural sold for $700, The Dot com redirects to a fully developed website

What is your favourite domain name on the list? Remembering these are BIN prices so you can own these names without having to worry about bidding against others?

GoDaddy Closeout Domains Registration Year GoDaddy Valuation Buy It Now Price Comparable Sales 1998 USD 778.00 USD 9.00 The Plural .Net Sold for $700 1996 USD 1,033.00 USD 11.00 1997 USD 1,187.00 USD 8.00 1998 USD 817.00 USD 8.00 The Dot Com Sold for $2500 1998 USD 944.00 USD 8.00 Sold for $5,839 1998 USD 1,363.00 USD 5.00 Sold for $2,895 1999 USD 1,088.00 USD 5.00 Sold for $2,495 1999 USD 828.00 USD 9.00 The .Net is available in BIN too 1999 USD 1,165.00 USD 8.00 Sold for $500 2000 USD 346.00 USD 10.00 C49.Net Sold for $2,995

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