11 Domains at GoDaddy with Bids – Mixed TLDS.

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Todays List of GoDaddy Domain Names in Auction all with bids – We have a real mixture of TLD – .Com, .Net, .Org and .US domains, hopefully you see a domain name that takes your interest on the below, happy bidding everyone.

ipscal.com – 26 Years Old, One Bidder

MarshillChurch.org – 23 Years Old, lots of historic backlinks and getting traffic according to GoDaddy and Alexa – 68 Bids…

HardwoodFloors.net – 23-Year-Old, Extremely popular keyword and while the Dot Com would be nice this was sitting at $17 bucks at the time of writing.

UNW.com – 23 Years Old LLL.com, already at $20K

MusicLabels.com – 21 Years Old, only one bid – A steal at $12

SwissBank.org – 21 Years Old – Could be one for Rob @ Epik to pick up having the Swiss Bank Of Domain Registries.

MomsCoupons.com – 20 Years old, I once owned MumsCoupons.com (UK Version)

Messenger.us – Nice .US domain name, following on from Morgan’s Post worth the $10

AccidentAttorney.us – Another aged .US, if this was .Com would be a lot more than the current $10 Bid.

247Cruise.com & 247Rental.com – 17 Years Old, check out my post on NamePros last week and read the 70+ Comments on 247, 360, 365 domains



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