by Walmart Labs shutting down

Whois XML Api by Walmart Labs shutting down

It was October 2012 when I first heard from that would be launching this new service. It sounded like great news for the .Co Registry with another multi billion dollar company starting out a new business on the .Co domain extension however after 12 months Walmart Labs is shutting down

Walmart created a tech company based in silicon valley named Walmart Labs who operate on this part of Walmart’s business that shall oversee e-commerce for walmart with sites like or etc.

The company never purchased the domain name, The lucky owner First Place Internet Inc who own a large number of high quality Dot Com domain names based in Florida has probably gained extra traffic from confused Walmart shoppers looking for but typing in this is why if you build on a domain name such as and plan to launch it into a large market within the USA for e-commerce it makes sense to purchase the matching dot com domain name.

Did you ever use the service?

Do you think not owning was the downfall of this new business?

You can read more about it shutting down here.

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5 Comments on " by Walmart Labs shutting down"

  1. More REAL proof that .whatever will always bleed to .com.
    Thanks for the head’s up.
    etc, etc etc……..

  2. So what you are saying is that closed down because it was leaking traffic and the customers were confused.

    It’s like wall mart did not have $50k-$200k to buy that domain.

    Hummm ! I don’t thinks so!

    i’m sure they closed down for different reasons not related to the name.

    • I didn’t say that was why it closed down. There hasn’t been an official reason given.

      I am just saying starting with a .co and not owning the .com won’t have helped it.

    • @Rich – I want to buy a .co domain from you. I emailed you.

  3. Nonsense! – Alexa rank 106k while .com has 1,8mm
    Also, has monthly traffic of 250k according to Compete, in realty the number is much higher.
    .Com traffic – joke, I do not think the .com owner got much from .co

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