GTLD’s $91,760,000 US Dollars being Gambled by Five Industry Giants

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GTLD’s $91,760,000 US Dollars being Gambled by Five Industry Giants


A recent blog post by covers the New GTLD’s and shows you how over $91 million dollars are being gambled on the new extensions by Five Industry Giants.,, Donuts Inc,, – These five companies alone have gambled $91,760,000 US Dollars on the new GTLD’s.

Now Donuts Inc has been setup specifically to apply and run new GTLD’s however if I was a shareholder in Google, Amazon or Microsoft. I would be wanting to know what they honestly expect to see on this gamble? Is this the best use of Shareholders money?

I know Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple has billions in cash and can afford to lose money on new GTLD’s but is the risk worth it?

Here is how its broken down.

Number 1

Donuts Inc

307 Applications for new GTLD’s – Cost $56,795,000

Number 2 

Google Inc

101 Applications for new GTLD’s – Cost $18,685,000

Number 3

Amazon Inc

76 Applications for new GTLD’s – Cost $14,060,000

Number 4

Microsoft Inc

11 Applications for new GTLD’s – Cost $2,035,000

Number 5

Apple Inc

1 Application for new GTLD’s – Cost $185,000


What are your thoughts on the new GTLD’s?

Do you plan on investing in GTLD’s?

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5 Comments on "GTLD’s $91,760,000 US Dollars being Gambled by Five Industry Giants"

  1. IMO only couple of GTLD’s may become popular in long run. .web and .app

    Rest all seems to be crap. Although I like only .web but so far I have no plans to invest and hopefully won’t buy any in near future.

    Are you going to invest in GTLD’s and what are your personal thoughts on it?

    • Abdul,

      At present I dont plan on investing in any of the new GTLD’s however, I do believe there is money to get made from them but shall only be in a certain few extensions. You never know what the future holds but I still personally believe DOT COM is king and local cctlds is important to local businesses.

  2. That’s true. I agree with it. .COM is and will always remain king and it’s good to invest mostly in .com domains.

  3. I’m sure the frustrated bloggers/developers/students who complain about not being able to find anything available will register some of these. But the best keywords will quickly be snapped up (or not even released) and they will run into the same issue of “my domain is already taken.” .Web sounds cheap to me – like .Blog. Ten years from now things may be vastly different but I believe acquiring new GTLDs with the purpose of flipping them is likely to not generate a favorable result (overall).

  4. Hard to believe that no opportunities will exist with investment numbers like those you have written about.
    Reserving judgement but heavily invested in GTLD services dotcoms myself.
    This is mid 90s revisited folks.
    Get in and be glad
    Don’t take any action and be glad
    Get in and be sorry
    Don’t get in and be sorry.
    Time to all domain investors to belly up to the bar and take their prize of their knocks like a pro
    Events this big don’t come along often in ones short time on earth IMO.

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